Pregnancy Blog: 16 Weeks

Someone told me this week that they were glad to hear I was pregnant because they thought I had just been eating too much ice cream.  More students have figured it out or are passing the news on. I feel like I get more energy every single day.  It feels so good not to feel bad that I am ecstatic.  I’ve felt a little rolling and pressure in my abdomen, but no concrete kicks yet.  I do, however, have regular Braxton-Hicks contractions.  I notice after I lie down from a backbend that my uterus gets firm and bulges up.  It was surprising at first, but my midwife says it’s a normal reaction to exercise and activity and it all serves to make my uterine muscle stronger for childbirth.

The pregnancy modifications feel really good.  The only thing I miss in the release in my upper back that you get from Rabbit and Head-to-Knee.  The Cat/Cow in place of Rabbit is a fair substitute, but in no way as deep a stretch.

I am surprised, but already my belly is in the way in Spine Twisting.  Even with my lower leg extended, I can still feel too much compression in my lower abdomen.  I have had to start twisting in the opposite direction (open).  Most of the twist happens in my mid-back and upper back.

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