Pregnancy Blog: 21 Weeks

Its a Girl!
Twenty-one weeks pregnant and we got a routine ultrasound done this week.  I can’t even begin to explain how incredible that experience was.  I’ve seen pictures of other people’s ultrasounds, but they are always grainy and hard to see.  The real- time experience is so much better.  We could see her move and even see the wrinkles in the skin on the soles of her feet. She was sitting cross-legged at the beginning, with her hands above her head.  We watched her rubbing her face and even pulling on one thumb.  She was kicking and moving and stretching out her legs.  Then, I kid you not, she took one leg and pulled it up to her face and sat there like she was doing head-to-knee pose.  She had one hand wrapped around the back of her thigh and the other rubbing her head.  It’s hard to believe that my own hips were that flexible once.  The lab technician said I was lucky that I couldn’t feel all of her movements or I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

To date, I’ve only gained five pounds.  The baby’s measurements were great on the ultrasound.  She’s gaining weight, there’s plenty of amniotic fluid, my fundus is at 21 centimeters (right on track) so there’s nothing to worry about.  I’ve really done well supplementing the calories I burn while taking class.  What I hadn’t thought about is replacing the calories I burn while teaching.  In addition to a pregnant woman’s metabolism, I’m also trying to stay cool, walk around and yak for 90 minutes at a time one or two times a day.  I don’t have any numbers on amount of calories burned teaching, but I’d be willing to guess it’s around 200.

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