Pregnancy Blog: 39 Weeks

Yes, I’m Still Here

Where does everybody think I’m going? I’ll keep practicing and teaching until the little papoose comes out. Everyone says exercise helps to bring on labor, so I am all over it. I can only imagine that yoga is even better. If I can do something to help facilitate this process, I’m there. Just this week I have been struggling to get my head to my knee in the final Janushirasana. My uterus starts contracting and I can’t get the big bulge out of the way enough to touch it and keep breathing. I am just doing my best (If you can you must. If you can’t, try, right?), although it makes me laugh every time I attempt it.

I have a little more room to eat and less heartburn this week, so I think she’s making her way down into my pelvis. What a nice relief to be able to eat most of my dinner without wanting to throw it back up. At this point, any sign is a good sign that things are progressing.

I’ve heard everything to get the baby ready to come out: walking, yoga, a bumpy ride, a cheeseburger and a beer, sex, a hot bath, lifting heavy furniture, walking up stairs. I’ve tried as many as were reasonable, but no baby yet!  She’s a Scorpio.

Pregnancy Blog: 38 Weeks

Let the Countdown Begin

Any time in the next month is considered normal and healthy. We are in serious countdown time now. Trying not to spend EVERY day waiting, but it’s hard. At this point, Jay and I are both so excited we could bust. The clothes are washed, the diapers are ready, her bag is packed. I’m trying to find more projects to help the days pass faster. Physically, I am pretty much the same. She hasn’t dropped yet, so there’s still a ton of pressure up under my rib cage. That makes it a challenge to breathe in for the full six seconds in Pranayama. There’s just not much more room for anything to expand past the first few seconds.

I find myself doing Fish and Half Tortoise at night when I can’t sleep to relieve the pressure on my ribs. The midwife thinks Tortoise and a little Cat/Cow will help to get her to drop out of my chest and away from my ribs. Fish Pose feels great because it gets my rib cage off of my uterus for a few moments.

I went swimming at the Portsmouth Pool for the first time this week. It felt great to lie face down and float around.  It’s incredible to me how much swimming actually works your whole body. Just a few laps and my heart rate was at 70%. There was so much less pressure in the water. Even when my uterus was contracting I didn’t feel the same pelvic pressure and need to pee. It took a good bit of will power not to jump into the hot tub, but I restrained myself.

Pregnancy Blog: 36 Weeks

Ready to Rumble

Everything is right on track. She is head-down, measuring well and still kicking like crazy. All of the pregnancy books say to expect a decrease in movement in the last month. Not this little girl. She’s more active for longer periods of time and her movements have gotten stronger. It’s so crazy to watch an elbow or a knee slide across my abdomen. There’s a little alien in there.

Did someone slip a sleeping pill into my food? I can’t believe how tired I am. By 2 pm everyday I am ready for a power nap. My husband, Jaylon, and I were getting into bed a few nights ago and I said to him, “Can we really go to bed at 9 pm?”

I lost weight this week, so I am back to trying to pump up my meals. There’s just so little room in there. I eat half my dinner and I’m done. I am back to eating every 2 hours like the first trimester and trying to pack in the calories and nutrients. She measures on the small side of average, which isn’t bad, I just want to be sure she’s getting everything she needs. Given all of the watermelon babies with gigantic heads that have been born into my family, I’m not too sad she’s going to be an average-sized peanut.

Yoga wise, let’s see…One of the hardest things for my ego to stomach throughout this pregnancy has been my loss of strength. I’m just not as strong as I used to be.  Once I hit the third trimester, my abdominal muscles were so stretched out, they are pretty ineffective. I can’t really get up into Headstand because I don’t have the abdominal control to pike up there. I remember when I started the pregnancy modifications thinking that Hand-to-Big-Toe was such an easy replacement for Standing Head-to-Knee. Now it is getting harder to hold it the whole time. I am just more tired in general in class. I feel worried that I’ll never get it back.

Oh, I almost forgot. I remember asking my friend and fellow yogi, Jenn, when she stopped doing Savasana on her back. “You’ll know,” she told me. Now I know what she meant. When I try to lie on my back during class, I feel too much pressure, like I can’t get a breath in. So, it’s strictly pregnant lady Savasanas on my side for now.  Also in Eagle, I have had a harder and harder time getting my foot to wrap around.  I feel it all in the ligaments in my groin and it just won’t go.

Four weeks to go…maybe… Smile