Pregnancy Blog: 36 Weeks

Ready to Rumble

Everything is right on track. She is head-down, measuring well and still kicking like crazy. All of the pregnancy books say to expect a decrease in movement in the last month. Not this little girl. She’s more active for longer periods of time and her movements have gotten stronger. It’s so crazy to watch an elbow or a knee slide across my abdomen. There’s a little alien in there.

Did someone slip a sleeping pill into my food? I can’t believe how tired I am. By 2 pm everyday I am ready for a power nap. My husband, Jaylon, and I were getting into bed a few nights ago and I said to him, “Can we really go to bed at 9 pm?”

I lost weight this week, so I am back to trying to pump up my meals. There’s just so little room in there. I eat half my dinner and I’m done. I am back to eating every 2 hours like the first trimester and trying to pack in the calories and nutrients. She measures on the small side of average, which isn’t bad, I just want to be sure she’s getting everything she needs. Given all of the watermelon babies with gigantic heads that have been born into my family, I’m not too sad she’s going to be an average-sized peanut.

Yoga wise, let’s see…One of the hardest things for my ego to stomach throughout this pregnancy has been my loss of strength. I’m just not as strong as I used to be.  Once I hit the third trimester, my abdominal muscles were so stretched out, they are pretty ineffective. I can’t really get up into Headstand because I don’t have the abdominal control to pike up there. I remember when I started the pregnancy modifications thinking that Hand-to-Big-Toe was such an easy replacement for Standing Head-to-Knee. Now it is getting harder to hold it the whole time. I am just more tired in general in class. I feel worried that I’ll never get it back.

Oh, I almost forgot. I remember asking my friend and fellow yogi, Jenn, when she stopped doing Savasana on her back. “You’ll know,” she told me. Now I know what she meant. When I try to lie on my back during class, I feel too much pressure, like I can’t get a breath in. So, it’s strictly pregnant lady Savasanas on my side for now.  Also in Eagle, I have had a harder and harder time getting my foot to wrap around.  I feel it all in the ligaments in my groin and it just won’t go.

Four weeks to go…maybe… Smile


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