Pregnancy Blog: 38 Weeks

Let the Countdown Begin

Any time in the next month is considered normal and healthy. We are in serious countdown time now. Trying not to spend EVERY day waiting, but it’s hard. At this point, Jay and I are both so excited we could bust. The clothes are washed, the diapers are ready, her bag is packed. I’m trying to find more projects to help the days pass faster. Physically, I am pretty much the same. She hasn’t dropped yet, so there’s still a ton of pressure up under my rib cage. That makes it a challenge to breathe in for the full six seconds in Pranayama. There’s just not much more room for anything to expand past the first few seconds.

I find myself doing Fish and Half Tortoise at night when I can’t sleep to relieve the pressure on my ribs. The midwife thinks Tortoise and a little Cat/Cow will help to get her to drop out of my chest and away from my ribs. Fish Pose feels great because it gets my rib cage off of my uterus for a few moments.

I went swimming at the Portsmouth Pool for the first time this week. It felt great to lie face down and float around.  It’s incredible to me how much swimming actually works your whole body. Just a few laps and my heart rate was at 70%. There was so much less pressure in the water. Even when my uterus was contracting I didn’t feel the same pelvic pressure and need to pee. It took a good bit of will power not to jump into the hot tub, but I restrained myself.

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