Pregnancy Blog: 39 Weeks

Yes, I’m Still Here

Where does everybody think I’m going? I’ll keep practicing and teaching until the little papoose comes out. Everyone says exercise helps to bring on labor, so I am all over it. I can only imagine that yoga is even better. If I can do something to help facilitate this process, I’m there. Just this week I have been struggling to get my head to my knee in the final Janushirasana. My uterus starts contracting and I can’t get the big bulge out of the way enough to touch it and keep breathing. I am just doing my best (If you can you must. If you can’t, try, right?), although it makes me laugh every time I attempt it.

I have a little more room to eat and less heartburn this week, so I think she’s making her way down into my pelvis. What a nice relief to be able to eat most of my dinner without wanting to throw it back up. At this point, any sign is a good sign that things are progressing.

I’ve heard everything to get the baby ready to come out: walking, yoga, a bumpy ride, a cheeseburger and a beer, sex, a hot bath, lifting heavy furniture, walking up stairs. I’ve tried as many as were reasonable, but no baby yet!  She’s a Scorpio.

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