Pregnancy Blog 2: Baby Number Two

Here we go again.  I had really forgotten how much pregnancy takes over your body.  It takes so long to feel yourself again, strong, healthy, flexible that I had really forgotten what little control you have during pregnancy.  You can do a lot of things to make it easier and healthier, but when your body wants more oxygen or the uterus wants more blood, that’s all there is to it.

I’m only 5 weeks along, but I had my first class this morning where the breathing was difficult.  The exhales in Pranayama felt long and I had to open my mouth twice during Balancing Stick to gulp down some air.

It took us a lot longer to get pregnant this time than it did with Bella.  Twice as long, in fact.  I am sure it has to do with all of the night-nursing and lack of sleep.  No, she still doesn’t sleep through the night.  It actually seems like she’s been regressing lately and nursing like a newborn all night.  I have noticed that my supply seems a lot lower this week due to the pregnancy hormones, so maybe that’s it.  She’s nursing more frequently because she’s not getting much.  The nursing books all say that some kids self-wean when their mom is pregnant because they don’t like the taste of the milk in the second and third trimesters.  I don’t really care if she weans or not, but I would love it if she’d night-wean.  That would be wonderful.