Pregnancy Blog 2: 15 Months and One Day

When I was in labor, I kept thinking, “I will never complain about Standing Bow being a minute again.”  After I came back to yoga, I realized that I had to actually make good on my promise, so March 1st, I started a don’t-fall-out-of-standing-bow contest with my sister (which I won, by the way).  I made it fifteen months and one day.  This morning…

I was taking Laura’s class, feeling kind of yucky and tired and I just fell out.  I picked up my foot right away and tried to believe it hadn’t happened.  I actually made myself call my sister right away after class to help myself believe it was true.  Damn it!  I had been thinking lately, “I wonder if I’ll be able to make it through the first trimester without falling.  I’ll probably fall.”  I’m sure I set myself up for it. Well, starting all over.  First trimester, morning sickness or not.  I have the muscles to do it, I just need to maintain the will power.  If I can do 10 hours of labor, I can do 10,000 one-minute standing bows.

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