Pregnancy Blog 2: 4 Months Down

Four months down and feeling pretty good. Tired, but that’s to be expected.  Class feels good and I feel strong most of the time.  I’ve had to be a lot more conscious about drinking fluids.  Breastfeeding and pregnant and teaching/practicing Bikram takes a little fluid out of a girl.

For the last few weeks, I’ve had to make myself drink more during class and after, too.  What I am used to drinking is just not enough.

Already I am having a hard time in spine twist.  My belly is finally protruding a little and I can’t really do much without squooshing my uterus, so I’m already modifying pretty heavily in that one.  It’s crazy to me, too, how quickly it became hard to fit my belly between my thighs in hands-to-feet.  Four months seems early to need to open my feet almost mat-width cerebrally, but physically it feels right.

I feel a lot of stretching in my belly in the back bends, especially half moon.  It feels good so far and I definitely credit it with my no-stretch-marks from the last pregnancy, so bring it on.  It also feels good to my whole abdominal cavity, which can feel cramped and bloated.  I haven’t felt a lot of effects from the relaxin (the hormone that softens the body’s ligaments for delivery) yet.  That didn’t really bother me last time until around 7 months.  That’s when I really had to be careful how far back I went in the back bends and toe stand was finally out.