Pregnancy Blog 2: 26 Weeks Down

I finally have a nice basketball belly.  I think that’s one of the most fun parts of pregnancy.  I’m out of the looking “thick” phase and into the final trimester.  It’s hard to believe I’m going to be pregnant for another three whole months.  Crazy.  My body is certainly feeling more pregnant now.

I’ve just started to be unable to bounce in the third part of awkward.  I just feel too unstable.  I can still bend forward for toe stand, but it’s too hard to balance on my ankles any more.  Regardless of strength, it seems impossible to hold them steady.  Makes part two of awkward a bear, too.

In the same vein, I can feel how my pelvis is loosening when I back bend, so I have to go a little slower going back.  Sometimes I can even feel my sacrum click when I walk or shift weight from one foot to the other.  This is usually caused by loosening of the ligaments of the symphysis pubis and sacro-iliac joints and can be really painful, especially later in pregnancy.  If you happen to suffer from this pain while pregnant, it’s important to go slowly in any postures where the hips are fixed, but the spine is moving as it may exacerbate shifting of the S-I joint.  Good examples would be gentle pose (the “butterfly” position we substitute for stretching at the end), fixed firm, camel and spine twist.  You can still do them, you just shouldn’t push into the pain.  You may feel it in your hip or your buttocks.

Pressure from my belly has made eating a little more challenging.  I just don’t have as much room in my belly anymore, so it’s back to the Jennifer Aniston diet (small meals all day long) for me. 🙂  It has also heralded the return of the heartburn.  Not every day, but enough to remind me what it’s like at the end.  Oh the joys!


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