Pregnancy Blog 2: Holy Crotch Pain, Batman!

Oh. I was sitting at my desk in half-lotus yesterday for about an hour, working.  When I went to stand up, I couldn’t walk.  It felt like my pubic bone was going to crack in half.  Jaylon had to pick me up and carry me to the couch like he was bringing me across the threshold.  Poor guy, I’ve got a good 25 pounds on him at this point!  I must have tweaked my pelvis just enough to really irritate my symphysis pubis.  That cartilage is getting very loose.  Hot bath, lay down the rest of the night and I was fine in the morning.  Just a strong reminder to slow down in straddle/split/lotus-type movements from now through the end.  No more toe, even gentle pose doesn’t feel good.  Everything in my groin feels very loose.  Sometimes I still get that clicking in my sacrum when I shift my weight from foot to foot.

I fell out of standing bow again this week, too.  I’m really trying not to anticipate it because I’m tired and I could spend the whole warm-up worrying about doing it.  Once we get there, it’s not that big of a deal.  As usual, it’s the anticipation that’s the worst.

He’s been really active this week, too.  I know it’s supposed to slow down more at the end, but Bella was the same way.  The movements are getting much stronger, too.  He has his feet over between my right ribs and hip and sometimes stretches out so far you can see the lump of his foot.

I have to admit that I am getting really excited for labor and delivery.  It’s such an empowering (and hard) and satisfying experience.  I am looking forward to the challenge again.

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