June “Haps”

Wow- Is it already July??

As another month begins let’s take a moment to reflect back and enjoy some of our favorite memories from June!

First off… How fun was the music class we had! To kick off the month we had a Queer Culture Music Class- and it was rocking. With everyone dressed to the 9’s in pride apparel could imagine a better way to celebrate Pride Month?? To top it all off nearly $500 was raised!


While we are on the topic here are a few great photos we had from the pride parade.


We also kicked off a great event in June- #WHYYOGA

We wanted to hear it- What gets you to the mat??

All month we had posts flying in– all little jigsaw pieces fitting together to complete the puzzle of Bikram yoga. Not only did we hear great individual stories, but the posts were refreshing and great motivational boosters.

If you want to get sucked into Instagram and check out some of the posts, just search the #whyyoga hashtag.. – You’ve been warned once you start looking you might lose an hour.. Or two haha

We also released some BIG NEWS!!!!

This September we will be launching Commit to 90 which is a three-month challenge designed to help you make permanent changes in your life to heal injuries, manage chronic disease, improve your relationship with food, and address issues that prevent you from being your happiest, healthiest self.

We are counting down the days and can’t wait to embark on a new journey with our students! Want to learn more about it? Sign up? Have questions?  Look no further



What to look forward to in JULY!!!

POM-Spine Twisting

Music Class- Techno-glowga (going to be so cool- don’t miss your chance to sign up today!)