Commit to 90

Our powerful Commit to 90 Whole Life Challenge is back and better than ever!

We’re so stoked to team up with Functional Nutritionist Erin Holt to bring you our new and improved Commit to 90 Whole Life Challenge.

Commit to 90 is a 90-day challenge that rewards you for taking care of yourself. Instead of blasting out classes every day for a month like we’ve always done in our September 30-day Challenge, we’ll focus on building a regular, steady practice. CT90 is designed to help you make informed decisions around nutrition, learn to fuel your body, heal your relationship with food, build community connections, and make time for activities that enhance your life.

Watch this video to learn more!

How does it work? From September 15-December 15th, you will be awarded points each week for taking Yoga and Pilates classes, meeting Erin’s nutrition goal of the week, and engaging in enrichment activities like special workshops and events at the studio. Yes, we still have gold stars!

At the end of the challenge, the individual with the most points will win our Commit to 90 basket, valued well over $900 with killer prizes like three months of unlimited yoga and Pilates and a $200 lululemon gift card.

What do I get? For the monthly fee of $250, you have access to:

  • Unlimited Hot Yoga and Pilates
  • Weekly Nutrition Education
  • Weekly Facebook Live videos on nutrition and more
  • Up to three total enrichment activities (choose from any workshops at our studio or our sister studio Steam House Hot Yoga)
  • Online support group

These services have a retail value of over $379/month. This monthly fee is a wicked discount that represents our commitment to helping you kickstart your life.

But we love you, so we want to offer you a special deal.

You all know by now that we’re rebranding the studio this fall. We’re so excited to bring the new studio, new name, new logo, new name out of its chrysalis and into your lives. As a special gift to celebrate our reopening, we’re offering a deeply discounted price through September 8th.

Sign up now and pay just $200/month for the Commit to 90 program.

Sign up before our rebrand on September 8th and save $50 per month! Smash the I’m in button below if you’re ready to commit to a better life.

I’m in!

Wondering about what’s in the grand prize? Watch here.

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