Pregnancy Blog: First Class Back

Oh Mama! Too long without yoga. I felt like the tin man. Like Monday morning at teacher training. Tight from the first Half Moon. Ouch, but so good.

I got to experience a yoga high again…something I haven’t felt in years. Just like the first time. Kicking out in Standing Head-to-knee: hurts so good. Can you say “therapeutic”? Bikram always said to us that a pregnant woman could come back to class and do the regular series as soon as she was out of bed. He never touched on what to do about the lochia. You can’t wear a pad under a pair of side-string shorts!

I was supposed to wait another week, but my sister was off to class this morning and I just couldn’t resist. What a great feeling to sweat, lay on my belly. I got my payback for all of those years of saying, “Your arms are supposed to hurt,” in Locust. Son of a blank! Pain! Just like my first class. Come to think of it, I hadn’t done Locust in seven months. No wonder.

For the nursing mamas, the Cobra series was uncomfortable to lay on my breasts. I kind of did a half-roll to the side to take some of the pressure off. B-cup to a D-cup makes a huge difference. Now I can see (feel!) why the bustier women can barely get their heads to touch the floor in the belly-down Savasanas. Locust was a joke. Boobs everywhere and so much pressure. Forget about arms underneath you like you’re bumping a volleyball. How about do Locust while you’re balancing on two volleyballs? It’ll work itself out once my breasts aren’t quite so sensitive and new to nursing.

One other thing I noticed it that I was THIRSTY in class. Makes sense with the nursing, but I definitely drank more often than I was used to drinking. Afterward, too, I drank another liter in the next hour easily.

What an endorphin rush! I’d been walking all along, but nothing as whole body as a good Bikram class. I felt good, high, alive all over. Great way to battle any baby blues.

And being a mom. I had no idea. No one can ever explain what it feels like, what takes and what it gives you. It’s the best and hardest experience of my entire life. Jaylon and I keep saying to each other, “Now I understand…”  I look over at her sleeping at night and think, “I am so lucky.”