Pregnancy Blog 2: 30-Day Challenge at 5 Months

So September is our annual 30-day challenge and I really felt like it would be my last opportunity to do a whole bunch of yoga for a long time.  I’m 22 days and 22 classes into it and feeling great, but I have to admit, this is the hardest challenge I’ve ever done.  I really can’t stay hydrated enough to make amniotic fluid, breast milk and do a double, so I’ve got to be able to get myself in to the studio every day.  That means no Sunday breakfast with the family because it’s football season and I’m not going to miss a GAME!

Helllllooooo Relaxin.  I’m sure a lot of what I am feeling is from finally being able to do yoga every day (which I haven’t done since Bella was born due to babysitting schedules and all of that), but I’m really starting to feel the pressure and loosening in my pelvis and groin.  I can really feel the effects of the relaxin in my sacrum, groin and symphysis pubis in gentle pose and straddle splits.

My uterus is big enough now that laying on my back no longer feels right, especially in a roasting and rocking class.  I just can’t catch my breath until I lie on my side.  It takes the pressure and weight of the uterus off the aorta and vena cava, which improves the circulation to the lower body and the return of blood to the heart.

This month, I’ve also been ravenous.  I am eating lunch and thinking about what I’ll have for a snack in an hour.  I had a little epiphany, though, about drinking water in class.  I think for a lot of people, that desire to pound water in class comes from being hungry, especially for people who don’t eat before the morning classes.  As I’ve been hungrier this month, I’ve found I want to chug water to fill the void, when really what I want is a seafood salad sandwich.  With pickles and salt and vinegar potato chips.  Or a slice of yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  Enchiladas covered with cheese.  Or some dried papaya (no sulphur, no sugar).  Have you tried that stuff?  It’s like candy.

My one word of advice about the water and this isn’t for pregnant ladies: I know it feels like it can, but the water can’t save you. 🙂