Pregnancy Blog 2: End of the First Trimester

I started doing the pregnancy modifications this week.  Locust and floor bow haven’t been feeling good for a couple of weeks anyway.  I’ve been faking my way through a little bit.  Some of the modifications feel silly because I don’t have a big belly in my way, but I know that my uterus is above my pubic bone already, so I know it makes sense.  I just feel a little silly.

We heard the baby’s heart beat last week.  It was good timing.  I was at that stage where the morning sickness was getting much better and I am still not showing, so I’d have these moments throughout the day thinking, “Am I really pregnant or did I make this all up?”  164 bpm.  Not as fast as Bella at this stage.  She was 170; I wonder if that means it’s a boy…

I’ve had a couple of people ask this week if I was doing the pregnancy modifications in class just for fun, to try something new or trying to help Jenn learn them.  🙂  It would be nice if I had a belly so people wouldn’t think I was going off on a tangent and doing my own thing.  Soon enough.