Pregnancy Blog 2: Eight Weeks Along

Just hitting the morning sickness phase.  This time around, I seem to have a nasty aversion to everything in the onion family, especially chives.  It kind of stinks because I have all of these beautiful herbs coming up in my garden and no interest in using them at all.  No headaches with the morning sickness this time.  I have to credit the yoga.  I’ve been practicing much more in the first trimester than I did the last time…

I’m sure a lot of that had to do with everything being so new last time.  I was trying to listen to my body and my body said I was tired all of the time.  In the mornings, I’d feel the worst, so I’d skip the 9 am class and try to nap instead or take a walk.  All that did for me, I think, was stew all of the progesterone in my system.  I was exhausted all of the time and only able to make it through 2-3 classes per week.

With this pregnancy, I feel crappy in the mornings still, but I have childcare, so I can’t afford to miss class regardless of how I feel.  And I always feel better after class.  This pregnancy, I’ve been able to take 5-6 classes a week.  My diet is much more expanded this time, too.  I’m not turned off by all vegetables, so I’m still eating pretty well.  Pretty well.

It’s definitely harder still to teach.  I don’t feel like I need to sit down all of the time like I did in the first trimester with Bella, but I just don’t have as much breath to talk the whole ninety minutes.  I find myself taking little pauses to take a deeeep inhale to keep rattling on.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like I have the wind to sing after class.

Other than that, feeling good, feeling healthy, if a little slower than usual.  We met with the midwives at the Coastal Family Birthing Center this week.  It’s a BEAUTIFUL spot.  Out in Stratham, next to a horse farm, big, open, comfortable.  I’m excited (if all goes well) to be not delivering in a hospital this time.  Each room has a double bed, too, so Jaylon and I can get in bed together with the new peanut comfortably.

Pregnancy Blog 2: 15 Months and One Day

When I was in labor, I kept thinking, “I will never complain about Standing Bow being a minute again.”  After I came back to yoga, I realized that I had to actually make good on my promise, so March 1st, I started a don’t-fall-out-of-standing-bow contest with my sister (which I won, by the way).  I made it fifteen months and one day.  This morning…

I was taking Laura’s class, feeling kind of yucky and tired and I just fell out.  I picked up my foot right away and tried to believe it hadn’t happened.  I actually made myself call my sister right away after class to help myself believe it was true.  Damn it!  I had been thinking lately, “I wonder if I’ll be able to make it through the first trimester without falling.  I’ll probably fall.”  I’m sure I set myself up for it. Well, starting all over.  First trimester, morning sickness or not.  I have the muscles to do it, I just need to maintain the will power.  If I can do 10 hours of labor, I can do 10,000 one-minute standing bows.