Pregnancy Blog: Three Months Post Partum

It only took a couple of weeks for my breasts to feel okay in the Cobra series. I spent a week or two just working around them and kind-of half-lying on them in the belly-down Savasanas, but as soon as my milk supply regulated and I got used to it, it was fine.

I have gotten my strength back in my arms, too, and can actually get my feet off the floor in the last part of Locust again. My first class back, I literally could not get my toes off the floor in the double-legs.

I don’t quite feel like my flexibility is back where it was, but 24 hours a day spent hunching over a baby will do that to you. Also, I know that the relaxin hormone stays in your body for up to nine months after delivery and I can definitely feel it. I still have that weird loosey-goosey feeling in my pelvis and strange discomfort in my sacrum. I spoke with another woman six months post-partum and she said she still doesn’t feel quite the same especially in her pelvis.

My strength, on the other hand, is building steadily. I am heartily impressed by the human body’s ability to adapt throughout this process. For the first five days after the birth, I could actually feel my stretched-out rectus abdominus fold over when I sat down. After a week, it had shortened to its original length, if not quite strength, at that point. Amazing.

Just like most of us, Bella hates to do Cobra, too, but she has to.